This website has been developed as a medium for my program Daproverb (image homepage Excel version and image homepage desktop program).

Initially this program was a Microsoft Excel workbook for working easier with dates, percentages, damages, interests and legal assistance, hence the dutch acronym Daproverb. Actually it exists exlusively as an independant Windows desktop application.   More about that you will find on the page (tab) "Daproverb".

This website holds the latest news about the development and updates of the program.

Here you'll find also answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about possible program issues.

From here you can download the installer file for the current version of Daproverb. This applies only to the installation of the application on personal computers, because the installation on the computers of FPS Justice by the user itself is not possible.

Furthermore you come across some links to useful websites.

Finally you can ask me no matter which question.